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aberration (ab" uh RAY shuhn) (s) (noun), aberrations (pl)
1. Irregularity; deviation; inconsistency: A flaw (defect or fault) in a lens that doesn't focus properly is called a spherical aberration.
2. Oddity; abnormalities; incongruity: The new rules were confusing and full of aberrations.
3. Quirk, eccentricity, peculiarity; Emanuel's only aberration was an occasional lapse of memory.
3. A deviation from the norm: The heat this summer was definitely an aberration from what people expected.

The extreme wide-spread cold weather with snow and ice that some areas had this winter was an aberration.

4. Etymology: from Latin aberrationem, aberratio. "a wandering, a straying"; from the stem of aberrare. "to wander out of the way, to lose the way, to go astray"; from ab-, "away" + errare, "to wander".
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aberration of starlight
1. The tiny apparent displacement of stars resulting from the motion of the earth through space.
2. Apparent displacement of a star from its true position, due to the combined effects of the speed of light and the speed of the earth in orbit around the sun (about 30 kilometers per second or 18.5 miles per second).
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