Word Unit: Abbreviations Frequently Encountered (shortened forms of spoken words or written symbols, or phrases, used chiefly in writing to represent the complete forms)
Word Unit: aboriginal words (word entries based on Australian native terms)
Word Unit: Aborigines, Aborigine, Aboriginal (generally a reference to indigenous people in general; being the first or earliest known of its kind present in a region: aboriginal forests, aboriginal rocks; of or relating to Aborigines or people of Australia)
Word Unit: Abracadabra (the origins and more recent usage as a term used in the performances of prestidigitation or "magic")
Word Unit: adjective (s), adjectives (pl) (modifying or describing parts of speech)
Word Unit: adverb (s), adverbs (pl) (descriptions of verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs)
Word Unit: Alchemy, an ancient science (how alchemists changed matter into useful applications)
Word Unit: Alphabet, from alpha and beta (a system of sounds for each symbol)
Word Unit: Amazing Histories of Words (etymology of words or their original "true meanings"; a rich source of information regarding the earliest meanings of words as they migrated from the past into the present)
Word Unit: amber (resin to amber stone to electricity)
Word Unit: Anatomy and Related Anatomical Terms (the structure of organisms from the smallest components of cells to the biggest organs and their relationships to other organs especially of the human body)
Word Unit: Anatomy, Its Origins and Development (the science of bodily structures and parts as discovered and developed over the centuries by means of dissections)
Word Unit: Ancient Egyptian Health and Medicine (Egyptians suffered with a variety of physical complaints despite healthier habits among ancient nations)
Word Unit: animated or moving images (Latin: to give "life to" and so, showing movements)
Word Unit: Ant and Related Entomology Terms (terms restricted to the study of social insects; such as, ants and words that apply generally to entomology)
Word Unit: Apostrophes , ' (apostrophes used as punctuation marks)
Word Unit: arch- (Greek: beginning; the first, the leader, the ruler; being first has two different, but often related, meanings: one meaning indicated first in time; another indicated first in importance)
Word Unit: Archeology, Archaeology (a glossary of archeological terms particularly related to the field of research that can tell us about our origins and our remote past)
Word Unit: Articles regarding etymologies (a published series of etymological topics)
Word Unit: Astronomy and related astronomical terms (the science of the celestial bodies: the sun, the moon, and the planets; the stars and galaxies; and all of the other objects in the universe)