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allege (verb), alleges; alleged; alleging
1. To claim or to assert that a person has done something illegal or wrong: The officer said, "Jim, you alleged that Lucinda stole a large amount of money. Do you have any proof?"

Jerome is alleged to have assaulted a man in the parking lot over a parking dispute.

2. To state something without or before proof: The indictment alleges that the senator took bribes for several years.
3. To make a plea or present an excuse in support of or in denial of a claim or accusation: The defendant's lawyer alleges that Karl had temporary insanity.

The shooter alleged that he was defending himself against an attacker; however, the person who was shot didn't have a weapon or was there any proof that he was aggressive against the man with the gun.

4. Etymology: supposedly from Latin allegare, "to send for, to bring forth, to name, to produce in evidence"; from ad-. "to" + legare, "to send, to assign" authority or duties to another person.

There are inconsistent opinions regarding the origins of allege.

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