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(a system of sounds for each symbol)
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Greek alphabet

Used in math and science.

Α α, alpha
Β β, beta
Γ γ, gamma
Δ δ, delta
Ε ε, epsilon
Ζ ζ, zeta
Η η, eta
Θ θ theta
Ι ι, iota
Κ κ, kappa
Λ λ, lambda
Μ μ, mu
Ν ν, nu
Ξ ξ, xi
Ο ο, omicron
Π π, pi
Ρ ρ, rho
Σ σ, sigma
Τ τ, tau
Υ υ, upsilon
Φ φ, phi
Χ χ, chi
Ψ ψ, psi
Ω ω, omega
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