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A loss of memory either partially or totally. (2)
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amnesia (s) (noun); amnesias, amnesiƦ (pl)
A partial or a total loss of or an inability to remember: Susan's mother's amnesia was shown by her inability to recall past experiences or being unable to remember who she was.

Amnesias can be caused by shocks, psychological disturbances, brain injuries, certain kinds of illnesses, or old age.

A man seems to have a loss of memory about a loan.
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A man seems to have forgotten about his family.
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amnesia, aphasia
amnesia (am NEE zhuh) (noun)
A loss of memory as a result of a shock, an injury, a psychological disturbance, or some kind of medical disorder: Because of the shock caused by a head injury, Victor's amnesia resulted in a total loss of memory regarding his past life.
aphasia (uh FAY zhuh) (noun)
One in a group of speech disorders in which there is a defect, or loss, of the power of expression and comprehension of spoken or written language or signs: Rhonda's brother suddenly had aphasia as a result of brain damage resulting from the automobile accident.

In addition to partial amnesia, the patient at the hospital suffered aphasia which impeded his recovery from the accident he suffered last year.

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tactile amnesia (s) (noun), tactile amnesias (pl)
The loss or the lack of the ability to understand the form and nature of objects that are touched (stereognosis), a form of tactile agnosia: Tactile amnesia is the loss of the ability to determine the shape of objects when touching them.