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A chemical that offers pain relief.
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analgesia (s) (noun), analgesias (pl)
The absence of or the inability to feel pain while still remaining conscious: Since Roy had an injection that resulted in analgesia, he was aware of what the doctors were doing during his operation but he didn't feel any pain.
analgesia (s) (noun), analgesias (pl)
A state in which painful stimuli are so moderated that, though still perceived, they are no longer painful; and so there is no feeling of pain: Rosemarie was grateful for the medication which induced a state of analgesia because now she was not aware of any significant pain.
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acupuncture analgesia (s) (noun), acupuncture analgesias (pl)
Feeling no pain or very little pain which is produced by the insertion of needles at certain points on the body: The acupuncture analgesia is used to activate small myelinated nerve fibers in the muscles which transmit impulses to the spinal cord and then activate three centers; including, the spinal cord, the midbrain, and the pituitary or hypothalamus in order to prevent feeling any pain.

continuous caudal analgesia
Continuous injection of an anesthetic solution into the sacral (triangular bone in lower back) and lumbar plexuses (network of nerves) within the epidural space (in the spine) to relieve the pain of parturition (act of giving birth).

Also used in general surgery to block the pain pathways caudal (back o thef body) to the umbilicus (navel or hollow on surface of stomach).

para-analgesia, paranalgesia
Analgesia (absence of pain) of the lower part of the body, including the lower limbs.
surface analgesia
Local analgesia (no pain) produced by an anesthetic applied to the surface of mucous membranes; such as, those of the eyes, nose, throat, and urethra.