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The angles formed by the appendicular skeleton (body parts that are associated with the limbs), including the forequarters; such as, shoulders (scapula), upper arm (humerous), forearm (radius, ulna), wrist (carpus), pastern (metacarpus), toes (phalanges) and hindquarters (hip, pelvis), thigh (femur), second thigh (tibia, fibula), hock (tarsus), rear pastern (metatarsus), and toes (phalanges).
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angulation (ANG-you-lay-shun) (s) (noun), angulations (pl)
1. The act of making something have sides or edges: If a child is given a pair of scissors and piece of paper, it is only a matter of time before the angulation of its shape will be done.
2. The general name for several movement patterns that create physical positions in the skier's body at certain joints when viewed in the frontal plane: Knee angulation performs the important function of adjusting the ski's edges and positions for better skiing.