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Unusual, peculiar, abnormal; deviating from the normal situation. (2)
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anomalous (adjective), more anomalous, most anomalous
1. Relating to the deviations from the normal rule, method, or arrangement; irregular, abnormal: When on vacation in the tropics, Doreen's brother watched in amazement as an anomalous species of fish crawled out of the water and along the ground over to a different pond.
2. Irregular; marked by deviation from the natural order and is applied particularly to congenital and hereditary defects: Dr. Celia was puzzled by the anomalous condition of Grover’s heart and wanted to discuss his health history and those of his other family members.
Peculiar and very strange.
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Odd, unusual.
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anomalous beat
A heart beat abnormally conducted in the ventricles.
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anomalous pulmonary venoius drainage
Drainage of one or more of the pulmonary veins into a structure other than the left atrium (usually the right atrium or the superior vena cava).
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