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Hostile opposition, conflicting behavior, or showing dislike or hatred. (1)
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antagonistic muscles
A pair of muscles allowing coordinated movements of the skeletal joints.

The individual components of antagonistic pairs can be classified into extensors (muscles that straighten a limb) and flexors (muscles that bend a limb).

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antagonistic (adjective), more antagonistic, most antagonistic
1. Showing dislike or opposition; or of the nature of an opponent; mutually or actively opposed: The antagonistic attitudes of the politicians resulted in fewer accomplishments by the legislatures.
2. In physiology, a reference to muscles that counteract each other's action: Two muscles or groups of muscles which are antagonistic to each other result in either no movements or movements in a line of actions of the stronger muscles.
Hostile, opposed, and conflicting.
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Word Entries at Word Info containing the term: “antagonistic
antagonistic symbiosis, antipathetic symbiosis
A type of symbiosis that is beneficial to one symbiont and detrimental to another one; for example, "parasitism".