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In computers, hardware and, or, software design.

In hardware, open architecture refers to hardware that consists of components purchased already made while closed architecture refers to a computer that is designed first, and all of the parts are made specifically to order.

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1. The art or science of building or constructing edifices of any kind for human use. Regarded in this wide application, architecture is divided into civil, ecclesiastical, naval, military, which deal respectively with houses and other buildings (such as bridges) of ordinary utility, churches, ships, fortification; but, architecture is sometimes regarded solely as a fine art.
2. The action or process of building.
3. The special method or “style” in accordance with which the details of the structure and ornamentation of a building are arranged.
4. The conceptual structure and overall logical organization of a computer or computer-based system from the point of view of its use or design; a particular realization of this.
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solar architecture
The conception, design, and construction of buildings and communities so as to make optimal use of incoming solar radiation, as for heating and cooling, or power generation.
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