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arm, upper arm
The anatomical region between the shoulder and the elbow, including the humerus and associated tissues.
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arm (s), arms (pl)
1. One of the two long parts or limbs attached to the shoulder of the human body with a hand at each end.
2. The part of a piece of clothing that covers the arm.
3. A side piece of a chair or sofa, designed to support the arms of anyone sitting in it.
4. The part of an animal's body that is similar to the human arm.
5. A flexible limb in an invertebrate animal; such as, an octopus.
6. A long thin part that is projecting from something larger; for example, an arm of the sea.
7. A branch of an organization, a section of the armed forces; for example, the military has a combat arm.
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arm, arms, arming, armed (verb forms)
1. To equip a person or a country with weapons: "They armed the troops with new weapons."
2. To prepare a weapon so that it is ready to use in a military action, as by releasing a safety device.
3. To provide someone with the information or equipment needed to accomplish something: "She was armed with all of the information she will need to complete the report."
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atmospheric radiation measurement (s), ARM; (noun), atmospheric radiation measurements (pl)
1. An instrument used for the detection or measurement of electromagnetic radiation.

The term is applied in particular to devices used to measure infrared radiation.

2. A receiver for detecting microwave thermal radiation and similar weak wide-band signals that resemble noise and are obscured by receiver noise.

The primary application of an atmospheric radiometer has been on board spacecraft measuring atmospheric and terrestrial radiation, and they are mostly used for meteorological or oceanographic remote-sensing.

Their secondary application is also meteorological, as zenith-pointing surface instruments that view the earth's atmosphere in a region above the stationary instrument.

By understanding the physical processes associated with energy emission at these wavelengths, scientists can calculate a variety of surface and atmospheric parameters from these measurements, including air temperature, sea surface temperature, salinity, soil moisture, sea ice, precipitation, the total amount of water vapor and the total amount of liquid water in the atmospheric column directly above or below the instrument.

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(Greek: arm [especially the upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow])
(Latin: weapon; implement of war)
(Latin: armpit; angle; borrowed directly from Latin ala which meant both "wing" and "the hollow under a wing or an arm")
(Latin: shoulder, upper arm; pertaining to the bone that extends from the shoulder to the elbow)
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rigid arm conveyor
A conveyor in the form of an endless belt or chain to which are attached projecting arms or shelves which carry the materials.

A conveyor is any materials-handling machine designed to move individual articles; such as, solids or free-flowing bulk materials over a horizontal, inclined, declined, or vertical path of travel with continuous motion.

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