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An organism; such as, an insect that has jointed legs, a body divided into several parts, and a skeleton on the outside.
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arthropod (s) (noun), arthropods (pl)
An organism with a segmented body or an exterior skeleton which is shed periodically: By the end of the summer, the biology students had a fine collection of arthropods, featuring several examples of insects that had segmented bodies and interconnected leg parts.
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arthropod (adjective), more arthropod, most arthropod
A reference to animals with jointed feet consisting of insects, spiders, crustacea, and myriapods, all of them having segmented bodies to which hollow jointed antenna, wings, and legs are articulated in pairs: During his safari across the vast desert, Dr. Jamison was fascinated by the large number of unique species of arthropod insects which differed remarkably from forest insects, for example.