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Descriptive of qualities that are considered to be silly, stupid, foolish, or absolutely unreasonable. (2)
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asinine (adjective), more asinine, most asinine
1. A reference to being very silly or stupid: Marge thought that the radio host asked his caller the most asinine questions that she had ever heard.
2. Having the qualities of being obstinate, stupid, doltish, silly, etc.: Ralph was accused of having asinine suggestions for solving Hugo's financial problems.
Silly or stupid questions or behavior.
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Obstinate, stupid, or silly conduct.
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asinine, ass
asinine (AHS uh nighn") (adjective)
Stupid, foolish, simpleminded, irrational: It was an asinine suggestion to buy a house so close to the river that over flows every year.
ass (AHS) (noun)
1. A donkey or similar horse-like animal with long ears and a braying call; "jackass" is a term for a male donkey; a burro: One small ass was hitched to the cart.
2. A fool, an idiot, a nitwit: Don't be an ass and quit your job before arranging for another one.

The director was very angry and exclaimed, "Don’t be such an ass! It was an asinine suggestion you just made to the actress that she should ride a real ass across the stage."