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The appearance or the way a person, place, or something is visible to others. (1)
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aspect (s) (noun), aspects (pl)
1. A facet, phase, or part of a whole: People should consider the various aspects of the economic situation before making any significant investments.
2. The view of something to the mind or the eyes: Suddenly, the stone had a greenish aspect in the florescent light.
3. The way a person, place, or something appears: The old house took on a dark and lonely aspect or image.
4. Etymology: from Middle English, "indicating the action or the way of looking at or seeing something"; from Latin aspectus and aspicere, "to look at"; from ad-, "to" + specere, "to look".
A look or appearance like something.
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(units which explain the various aspects of biometrics)
(aspects of the moon are known as phases from a Greek word meaning "appearance")
(aspects of the imagination that are usually seen when the eyes are closed or images of mental thoughts)
(extensive information about the physical aspects of the tongue and how it functions)
(funding is invigorating a field which challenges some traditional aspects of science)