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To attack vigorously or violently with arguments, criticism, ridicule, etc. (1)
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assail (verb), assails; assailed; assailing
1. To storm upon vigorously or violently: The troops are assailing the terrorists again.

It is difficult to believe that Mike could be assailed by so many bad things; he lost his job, his wife became very ill, and the roof of his house was damaged by a storm that caused severe leaks when it started to rain.

2. To attack with arguments, criticism, ridicule and to abuse: As a politician, Thomas was always ready to assail his opponents with slander.
3. To undertake a task with the purpose of mastering it: Joanne assailed her university studies with new determination.
4. To impinge upon; to make an impact on; to beset: The minds of members of the audience were assailed by all of the conflicting arguments presented by the speakers.
To violently attack with repeated words, criticisms, or blows.
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assailed (adjective), more assailed, most assailed
Invaded or attacked with violence: So many assailed communities are seen more and more in TV news broadcasts.

So many members of the assailed family were killed or seriously wounded by the bomb that was thrown into their house.

This entry is located in the following unit: sali-, salt-, -sili-, sult-, -salta- (page 1)