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The calling together of colony ant members for any communal activity.
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assembly line
A series of devices, materials, and workers that allow one object after another to be assembled step-by-step.
assembly-line justice
A term applied to an overworked, inadequately staffed court that is unsympathetic and considered to be unfair to criminal defendants.
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robot assembly
A small, lightweight robot that fits and assembles parts or components with speed and accuracy, using its ability to grasp, position, assemble, and to adjust workpieces that go with design specifications.
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assembly (s) (noun), assemblies (pl)
1. A group of people gathered together, usually for a particular purpose, whether religious, political, educational, or social.
2. In government: a legislative body; especially, the lower house of the legislature in certain states of the U.S.: "The congressman presented a bill before the assembly."
3. In the military, a signal, as by drum or bugle, for troops to fall into ranks or otherwise to get organized, or the movement of forces, tanks, soldiers, etc., scattered by battle or battle drill, toward and into a small area.
4. The putting together of complex machinery; such as, airplanes, from interchangeable parts of standard dimensions.
5. A group of machine parts; especially, one forming a self-contained, independently mounted unit.
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(Greek: assembly, market place; open space, public speaking; originally, "to unite")
(Latin: assembly; group of people, meeting)
(Greek: sermon; meeting, assembly)
(Latin: forensis of a forum, place of assembly; public, public speaking; foras, foranus, outside, residing outside, out of doors)
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assembly line (s) (noun), assembly lines (pl)
An arrangement of machines and workers in a factory: "Mike works on an assembly line which has a moving track or belt, which allows a number of specialized operations that are performed in the productions of cars."
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fluidic self-assembly
A manufacturing process, patented by Alien Technology.

It involves flowing tiny microchips in a special fluid over a base with holes shaped to catch the chips. The process is designed to mass assemble billions of RFID tags at very low cost.

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