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The right to make and to enforce public policy.
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authority, (from Latin, auctor, "invention, creator, advice, opinion, influence, command")
The right and power to command, enforce laws, exact obedience, determine, or judge; a person or group invested with this right and power.
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(Greek: a suffix; to govern, to rule; government, strength, power, might, authority)
(Latin: power, strength, ability, able; having authority over; rule over, command of)
(just what authority makes English standard and where does that authority come from?)
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stipulated authority (s) (noun), stipulated authorities (pl)
1. Someone who is in a position of power and especially, a public office: Mayor Dawson gave the contractor stipulated authority to develop better school facilities for the city.
2. A government agency or corporation which administers a revenue-producing public enterprise authority: The stipulated authorities of the commerce department included ways to provide more job opportunities for unemployed people.
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