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A set of actions taken during a state of unconsciousness.
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1. Behavior that is not under the control of the will, as a reflexive response.
2. An apparently goal-directed activity that is not, in fact, under the conscious, voluntary control, of the subject (occurring in epilepsy, catatonia, and fugue states).

This subject includes the performance of acts without conscious will, as, for example, after an attack of epilepsy or a concussion of the brain.

In such conditions, the person may perform acts of which he or she is neither conscious of at the time nor has any memory afterwards.

It is especially liable to occur when people suffering from epilepsy, mental subnormality, or concussion consume alcoholic drinks.

Black's Medical Dictionary, A & C Black Publishers Limited,
London, England; 1987.
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ambulatory automatism (s) (noun), ambulatory automatisms (pl)
Aimless wandering or moving around: The ambulatory automatism of a person includes the performance of mechanical acts without any conscious awareness of doing such movements.

During ambulatory automatisms, epileptic patients walk around and are able to carry out some functions without being clearly conscious of either themselves or their surroundings.