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awkward (adjective), more awkward, most askward
1. Referring to being clumsy, uncoordinated, inept, bungling, or not graceful: Richard had been an awkward skier until he had more training and practice.
2. Descriptive of being cumbersome, unmanageable, inconvenient, unwieldy, or cumbersome: Jim had an awkward time using the very heavy ax when he was chopping the wood that he would use for his fireplace.
3. Relating to a predicament which is embarrassing, unpleasant, difficult, or uncomfortable: The scandal of the neighbor's son, when he was arrested for driving while being drunk, was an awkward situation for the entire family.

Although the following cartoon is centering on inept, it is also demonstrating what the word awkward means.

A foolish, awkward, clumsy, and incompetent situation.
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