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Any word or name that is spelled the same forward and backward is called a palindrome (from Greek palindromos, literally "running [back] again") [palin ="again, backwards" and dromos = "course"].

Such words as "madam" and "sees" are examples of palindromes.

There are many common English words that fit the category of palindromes. Below are ten definitions of such words followed by a number in parenthesis that indicates how many letters there are in each English palindrome.

See how many of these "everyday" words you can solve.

  1. A notable achievement; a feat or exploit. (4)
  2. Even; not sloping. (5)
  3. More blood-colored. (6)
  4. Twelve hours after midnight. (4)
  5. Males and the females; genders. (5)
  6. One who resuscitates another. (7)
  7. To peek; to peer through a crevice. (4)
  8. Pertaining to public affairs, or to a city. (5)
  9. Made wet with dew. (5)
  10. To blow, as a horn, in rapid blasts. (4)

The above palindrome answers are available at this Palindromes Solutions page.

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