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trumpery (TRUHM-puh-ree) (s) (noun), trumperies (pl)
1. Worthless nonsense or rubbish: Mark complained to the newspaper that a reporter's article was full of useless trumpery.
2. Showy but useless or trivial articles; junk or bric-a-brac: Christine's desk at home is cluttered with paperweights, souvenirs, and other trumpery.
3. Deceit, fraud, and trickery: This could apply to a politician who has a similar name.
4. Etymology: from Middle French tromper, "to deceive"; applied now "to cluttering material objects of little or no value".
Worthless finery.
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Valueless things, rubbish.
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Worthless finery, trash; showy but useless or trivial articles. (2)