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trump (s) (noun), trumps (pl)
1. A card determined to be of the highest value over other cards in a card game and therefore used with caution to bring about the end of a game: Martin used his "ace" as his trump and won the game over three other opponents.
2. A highly valuable resource or advantage; especially, one that is held in reserve for future use: The fund raiser held a large check as the trump during the radio fund-raising event.
3. An informal term for someone who is admirable or reliable: Janine's uncle was considered a trump in the amateur acting circles.
4. In archaic literature, a trumpet or the sound produced by a trumpet: While performing Early Music, Phil's cousin played his antique trump which could be heard throughout the neighborhood.
5. Etymology: "playing a card of a suit ranking above others" is from 1529, and is an alteration of triumph which came from Latin triumphus, "an achievement, a success", or "a procession for a victorious general or admiral".

This trump involves the victorious Roman military officers who would make "triumphal" parades into Rome bringing their captives and carrying the material wealth they had taken from their defeated prisoners.

—Partly compiled from "TRUMP"; Word Origins and Their Romantic Stories
by Wilfred Funk; Publishers Grosset & Dunlap; New York; 1950; page 319.
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trump (verb), trumps; trumped; trumping
1. To get the better of an adversary or competitor in a contest by using a crucial, or often a hidden resource: The bid or offer for the car was trumped by the man with a higher bid.
2. To produce a sound as if it were coming from a trumpet: In the evening, the bugler trumped, using the public address system, so all of those in the camp knew that they were expected to return to their tents.
3. To be more important than something else: The need for a good education trumps over being uneducated and unprepared for a vocation or a job.
4. To beat another playing card by playing one from the suit that beats the others: Lorna trumped her ace to win the game.
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trump up (verb phrase), trumps up; trumped up; trumping up
To create or to make up something false in order to cause problems for another person: The supervisor trumped up an unverifiable reason for firing Roxanne.
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