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bunk (s) (noun), bunks (pl)
1. A built-in platform for a bed, as on a ship: Brittany chose the top bunk in the cabin because it was close to the porthole.
2. Informal: any bed: Lisbeth's roommate shouted that she should grab a bunk before the other people came into the room.
3. A cabin used for sleeping quarters; such as, in a summer camp: At the summer campground, Hank slept in one of the bunks reserved for visitors.
4. A trough for feeding cattle: The farmer pitched some hay into the bunk for the cattle.
5. Etymology: bunk is probably a shortened form of bunker, which is Scotish for "a seat" or "a bench" and is of uncertain origin; possibly from a Scandinavian source; possibly from, Old Swedish, bunke, "boards used to protect the cargo of a ship" or from Scottish English, meaning "chest, box".
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