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grope (GROHP) (verb), gropes; groped; groping
1. To use one’s hands to search for something that a person may not be able to see or that the location of something is not clear: Ernest groped for the telephone after it rang when he was asleep.

Debora groped for the light switch when she went into the dark room.

2. To look for something figuratively or literally with no clear direction or motive: The students groped for an answer from the professor.
3. To search or to explore another person with one’s hands: The airline passenger refused to be groped by the airport security personnel.

4. To be at a loss for an answer or the desired words to express oneself, to fumble: Alan groped for the right answer to the problem that his daughter told him about.
To feel one's way around blindly and with uncertainly.
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To try to come up with a proper description about a situation or condition.
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To use one’s hands to search for something that can't be seen or to fumble around to find a solution to a problem. (2)