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tank (s) (noun), tanks (pl)
1. A large container for storing liquids or gases: There were several tanks filled with water and fish.
2. The amount of liquid or gas that a tank holds: Gary bought a tank of gas at a much higher price.
3. A sturdy container with rectangular glass sides, in which to keep live fish: Gary had two tanks in his living room for his tropical fish.
4. A fairly small body of water, especially one used for water storage: The tank was equipped with a filter to ensure that the water was drinkable.
5. A large armored combat vehicle with treads, a rotating turret, and a heavy gun used by military organizations: Someone has suggested that the best place for a military tank is in a museum.
6. In the U.S., an informal statement referring to a very bad situation or condition: Right now the global economy is in the tank.
7. A lightproof container for developing film, designed so that processing chemicals can be poured in and out without letting light get in: The camera technologist used a tank for transporting the solutions used for developing films.
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tank (verb), tanks; tanked; tanking
1. To completely fail or to suffer a sudden decline or failure: Today several trading stocks tanked.

The movie tanked over the weekend even though it was supposed to be so great.

2. To make no effort to win a contest or to deliberately lose a game, match, etc.; such as, a tennis match, a basketball game, a football game, etc.: There are those who say the team deliberately tanked the game.
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tank top (s) (noun), tank tops (pl)
In the U.S., a shirt which has no sleeves or collar and it usually has wide shoulder straps: Jerry preferred to wear tank tops; especially, during the summer or when he was working out in the fitness studio.
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think tank (s) (noun), think tanks (pl)
An organization which is made up of a group of people who reflect on and envisage new ideas for a particular subject or who give advice about what should be done in certain situations: The professor was asked to join the think tank so he could help the group come up with a solution to improve the deteriorating educational system.
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tank, tank, tank, tank
tank (TANK) (noun)
A large container for liquid or gas: "We filled the gas tank before we left on our trip."

"Our neighbor cleaned the fish tank before he went camping."

tank (TANK) (noun)
A kind of military combat vehicle: "The tank was developed and first used in combat by the British during World War I as a means to break the deadlock of trench warfare."
tank (TANK) (noun)
In a very bad state or condition: "The global economy is in the tank right now and no one really knows when it will get out of the tank."
tank (TANK) (verb)
To be very unsuccessful; to fail completely: "The economic situation has tanked and it could tank for some time to come."

The driver of the army tank must have been in a tanked condition when he filled the gas tank because he filled it with water.

(Greek: a well, a tank, a reservoir; ground water)
(Greek: phreatia, a well, a reservoir, a tank; a cistern, a pit)
(There are septic tanks and then there are septic tanks)
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calibrating tank (s) (noun), calibrating tanks (pl)
A large metal container that has a known capacity which is used to check the accuracy of the quantity of liquid that is deliveried.
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electrical resonator, tank circuit
A circuit that exhibits resonance at one or more frequencies, and which is capable of storing electric energy over a band of frequencies continuously distributed around the resonant frequency; such as, a coil and capacitor in parallel.
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electrolytic tank, electric tank, potential flow analyzer
1. A structure that serves as a model for an electron-tube system or an aerodynamic system, in which voltages are applied to test electron-tube design or to aid in computing ideal fluid flow.
2. A tank in which voltages are applied to an enlarged scale model of an electron-tube system or a reduced scale model of an aerodynamic system immersed in a poorly conducting liquid.

The equipotential lines between electrodes are traced with measuring probes, as an aid to electron-tube design.

It is also used as an aid to electron-tube design or in computing ideal fluid flow.

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flush tank
1. A temporary storage tank for water and sewage for periodic release through a sewer.
2. A small tank filled with water to flush a toilet.
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septic tank (s) (noun), septic tanks (pl)
A large storage container where solid matter or sewage is disintegrated by bacteria: Dick bought a septic tank for his farm because he was too far away to take advantage of a community sewage system.

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tank ventilator
An apparatus for artificial ventilation of a patient who has weak or paralyzed respiratory muscles, consisting of a rigid tank which encloses the body from the neck down.

Changes of pressure of air within the tank bring about inspiration and expiration.

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