Definitions in Deviant and Comical Format

(lexicomedy, linguicomedy, or a chuckleglossary consisting of definitions which are markedly different from the accepted dictionary norm)

Just as biology and chemistry join in biochemistry to reveal new unifying processes, so language and humor join in linguicomedy to reveal unexpected similarities.

—Evan Esar in his Humorous English;
Horizon Press; New York; 1961; page 16.
shotgun wedding
A case of wife or death.
Where they cut down the trees and then name streets after them.
A lot of money is tainted: It taint yours and it taint mine.
An adolescent whose hang-ups do not include his or her clothes.
An ancient reptile that has an extensive vocabulary.
How a person feels while he or she is crossing a desert on a hot day.
One of the greatest labor saving devices from the past, to the present, and for the future.
two tired
A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two tired.
A game of toss and catch played by children in the living room.
What some people ask when they are lost.
An honest opinion openly expressed.

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