Dog or Canine Terms +

(dogs are considered to be the companions and best friends of humans and this list of terms will help all of us understand the topics that exist about our canine friends)

gestation period
A period of 63 days in the dog, from fertilization to whelping.
giving tongue
Usually a sound made by hounds or terriers when they are working.
goose step
An accentuated lift of the forelimbs.
To brush, comb, trim or to otherwise make a dog's coat neat.
A command to a dog to keep close behind its handler.
The tarsus or collection of bones of the hind leg forming the joint between the second thigh and the metatarsus similar to the ankle in humans.
hock joint
The joint on the hind limb, or leg, located between the lower thigh and the rear pastern.

A dog walks on its toes like a horse, not the soles of his feet like a bear or a human. The human wrist is analogous to the canine pastern joint, the back of the hand is the dog's pastern, and the fingers form the dog's paws.

The dog's toenail.
horny pads
Tough soles of the feet.
The bone of the upper leg of a dog.
Water on the brain.
The mating of closely related dogs of the same breed.
The six upper and six lower front teeth between the canines.

Their point of contact forms the bite.

The breeding together of dogs of different breeds.