Words ending with -nik +

(a suffix freely used to designate someone who is associated with, concerned with, or characterized by a thing or an expression; sometimes, with a jocular [humorous] or derisive [contempt or ridicule] intent; borrowed from Russian, a common personal suffix)

beatnik (s) (noun), beatniks (pl)
1. A person behaving and dressing in an unconventional manner.
2. Someone who rejects conventional ideas, dress, and social conventions; especially, a member of the "Beat Generation" of the 1950's ("rhythm"; especially, in jazz; as well as, "worn out, exhausted").
bol├Ęsnīk, bolesnik (Croatian)
1. A sick man.
2. A patient.
folknik (s) (noun), folkniks (pl)
A devotee or performer of folk music.
no-goodnik, nogoodnik (s) (noun); no-goodniks, nogoodniks (pl
1. A worthless, disreputable, or malicious person.
2. A no-good person.
nudnik (s) (noun), nudniks (pl)
1. An offensive term that deliberately insults someone who is considered to be annoying or boring.
2. A persistently dull, boring pest.
3. A bore; from Russian nudnyi, "tiresome, tedious, boring" and from Yiddish nudne, "boring".
refusenik, refusnik (s) (noun); refuseniks, refusniks (pl)
1. A Soviet citizen; especially, a Jew, who was not allowed by the government to emigrate from the Soviet Union.
2. Someone who refuses to agree to take part in nor to cooperate with something; especially, based on one's moral principles.
sputnik (s) (noun), sputniks (pl)
An artificial satellite of the earth, launched by Soviet Russia; literally, "traveling companion" or "fellow-traveler", short for Russian sputnik zemlyl, "traveling companion of the earth".
wordnik (s) (noun)
An online dictionary and language resource that provides dictionary definitions and thesaurus content for some words, some of it based on print dictionaries and quotes from a variety of other printed content; however, it is missing many definitions for words that are listed.

It sometimes displays examples when words are used in sentences, but such sentences don't always provide more understanding about the words.