Computer Terms

(some of the common terms used in computer science)

A location in the computer memory where a particular unit of data is stored.

The address may be in the form of an identifying label, name, or number.

A defined set of instructions or procedural steps that leads to a logical conclusion to a problem.

In computer science, algorithms are generally the programmed steps that manipulate data and produce the desired results.

Describing a computer that processes data represented by a continuous physical variable; such as, an electric current.
A computer program that performs a particular task; such as, a word-processing or a spreadsheet software.
In computers, hardware and, or, software design.

In hardware, open architecture refers to hardware that consists of components purchased already made while closed architecture refers to a computer that is designed first, and all of the parts are made specifically to order.

modem (s), modems (pl) (noun forms)
1. A term that comes from a combination of MOdulate-DEModulate and refers to electronic equipment consisting of a device that is used to connect computers by telephone lines.
2. Internal or external devices that allow users to send and to receive data over telephone lines.