Information from the Past and into the Present, Part 2

(a few words from the Reader's Digest, March, 1932)

Excerpts of humorous and more serious topics

Humor as it was back in 1932

Dolly was just home after her first day at school. "Well, darling," asked her mother, "what did they teach you?"

"Not much," replied the child. "I've got to go again."

—Montreal Star.

"Dear teacher," wrote an indignant mother, "you must not whack my Tommy. He is a delicate child and isn't used to it. At home we never hit him except in self-defense."

The Survey.

"Mother, was that policeman ever a baby?"

"Yes, dear."

"Oh, Mother, I'd love to see a baby policeman!"

Christian Science Monitor.

"William," said the Sunday-school teacher, "can you tell me what we must do before we can expect forgivenesss of sin?"

"Yes, sir," replied the boy. "We must sin."

Christian Science Monitor.

"I'm afraid I'll have to raise your rent."

"I wish you would; I'm sure I can't raise it."

—Montreal Star.

Doctor (Examining an East Side brunette): "You've got acute appendicitis."

Patient: "Don't get fresh with me! I came here for a medical diagnosis, not compliments about my body parts."

—N.Y. Mirror.

The ideal marriage is when a man finds a beautiful girl and a good housewife, said a philosopher.

We thought that was bigamy.


What are the best ten years of a woman's life?

Between 28 and 30.


A golf professional, hired by a big department store to give golf lessons, was approached by two women. "Do you wish to learn to play golf, madam?" he asked one.

"Oh, no," she said, "it's my friend who wants to learn. I learned yesterday."

—Montreal Star [R.D., pg. 107]

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