Health Care Providers, Health-Care Providers, Healthcare Providers

(medical professionals and scientists who specialize in designated areas of medical care)

hematologist (s), hematologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical doctors who specialize in blood problems; especially, those involving the bone marrow.
histologist (s), histologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical physicians and scientists who study the forms and structures of various tissues in bodies: "Histologists study bodily tissues and cells by using microscopic techniques."
immunologist (s), immunologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who specialize in natural defense mechanisms against diseases or immunities of human bodies.
naturopathologist (s), naturopathologists (pl) (nouns)
A health care professional who uses a drugless systems for healing that are based on the principles that waste products and toxins build up in bodies and cause diseases: "Naturopathologists use natural food and physical methods of treatments to treat diseases; including, air water, and light."
nephrologist (s), nephrologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical doctors who specialize in the diseases of the kidneys.
nurse practitioner (s), nurse practitioners (pl) (nouns)
Nurses or health care professionals who take care of sick and injured patients: "Nurse practitioners are not allowed to prescribe specific treatments for patients, but to provide the necessary attention and care that patients need after a medical doctor has determined what is medically required."
obstetrician (s), obstetricians (pl) (nouns)
Medical physicians who concentrate on pregnancies and deliveries of infants.
oncologist (s), oncologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical professionals who study the causes, developments, characteristics, and treatments of tumors that are associated with cancer treatments.
ophthalmologist (s), ophthalmologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical doctors who specialize in the anatomies, physiologies, and diseases of the eyes.
optician (s), opticians (pl) (nouns)
Technicians who make eye-glasses and contact-lenses for the eyes based on prescriptions resulting from eye examinations.
optometrist (s), optometrists (pl) (nouns)
Medical doctors who measure the visual powers and acuities of patients and then prescribe corrective lenses, and diagnose and treat various diseases of the eyes.
oral and maxillofacial surgeon (s), oral and maxillofacial surgeons (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who specialize in the medical problems of the jaws and the mouths: "Oral surgeons usually extract teeth, while the maxillofacial surgeons often treat patients with facial problems that are associated with the upper and lower jaw structures."
orthodontist (s), orthodontists (pl) (nouns)
Medical physicians who specialize in the bites and teeth alignments of the mouths of patients.
orthopedic surgeon (s), orthopedic surgeons (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who specialize in the corrective treatments of musculo-skeletal deformities, diseases, and ailments.
osteopath (s), osteopaths (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who sometimes use manipulations of the neuro-musculoskeletal systems; such as, bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, spinal cords, tissues, and brains to determine and to treat health problems.

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