Health Care Providers, Health-Care Providers, Healthcare Providers

(medical professionals and scientists who specialize in designated areas of medical care)

otolaryngologist (s), otolaryngologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating pathological problems regarding the ears, nose, and throat.
pathologist (s), pathologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians or scientists who concentrate on the studies of the causes, processes, and changes of bodily organs and the tissues that are produced as a result of diseases.
pediatrician (s), pediatricians (pl) (nouns)
Those physicians who specialize in the health problems and medical treatments of children and adolescents.
periodontist (s), periodontists (pl) (nouns)
Doctors who strive to be experts in gum and bone problems of the mouth; especially, gum diseases.
pharmacist (s), pharmacists (pl) (nouns)
Health care professionals who prepare and dispense medications that are prescribed by physicians, dentists, and optometrists: "Pharmacists are usually familiar with medication ingredients, their interactions, and the cautions that should be taken by patients."
pharmacologist (s), pharmacologists (pl) (nouns)
Scientists who research the various aspects of drugs.
physiatrist (s), physiatrists (pl) (nouns)
Health care professionals who specialize in rehabilitations that use heat, light, water, and electricity to diagnose and to treat a wide variety of physical problems.
physical therapist (s) physical therapists (pl) (nouns)
Professional health-care scientists who use physical manipulations, heat, cold, etc. to treat a wide variety of physical health problems.
physiologist (s), physiologists (pl) (nouns)
Medical specialists or scientists who study the functions of organisms and their parts by using chemical and physical methods.
podiatrist (s), podiatrists (pl); chiropodist (s), chiropodists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who focus on foot problems; such as, bunions, corns, and bone spurs.
primary care physician (s), primary care physicians (pl) (nouns)
Those medical doctors who plan and provide comprehensive primary health care to all members of families, regardless of ages or sexes, on a continuing basis: "Primary care physicians are doctors who are in charge of managing family member’s health care needs."
prosthodontist (s), prosthodontists (pl) (nouns)
The branch of dentistry that deals with the replacements of missing teeth or related mouth or jaw structures with bridges, dentures, or other artificial devices: "Prosthodontists specialize in the reconstruction of appliances that function to replace missing or broken teeth, and sometimes other parts of a face or mouth."
psychiatrist (s), psychiatrists (pl) (nouns)
Medical physicians who specialize in the diagnoses, treatments, and preventions of mental disorders.
psychologist (s), psychologists (pl) (nouns)
Health care professionals who study how the minds of people function and what the affects of their mental processes have on their behaviors.
pulmonologist (s), pulmonologists (pl) (nouns)
Those physicians who focus on lung problems.

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