Health Care Providers, Health-Care Providers, Healthcare Providers

(medical professionals and scientists who specialize in designated areas of medical care)

allergist (s), allergists (pl) (nouns)
A physician, or physicians, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies: "Allergists deal with medical conditions in which people become sick or the skin is covered with red and itching marks from reactions to something that is eaten, breathed, or touched."

"Allergists are concerned with the diagnoses and treatments of patients who have an abnormally high sensitivity to certain substances; such as, pollens, foods, or microorganisms. Common indications of an allergy may include excessive sneezing, abnormal itching, and extreme skin rashes."

anesthesiologist (s), anesthesiologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who are concerned with the administration of anesthesia and then the condition of the patient who is under anesthesia: "An anesthesiologist uses a drug or a gas to cause the loss of bodily sensations with or without loss of consciousness."

"Anesthetics that are administered by anesthesiologists which can affect the whole body by making the patient unconscious are called general anesthetics and anesthetics that make a person have no feeling in only a specific part of the body are called local anesthetics."

audiologist (s), audiologists (pl) (nouns)
Specialists who evaluate hearing problems and advise patients about the possible use of hearing aids or other kinds of treatments: "Audiologists are trained to evaluate hearing losses and related disorders of those who are having problems with their hearing, including balance (vestibular) disorders and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and to rehabilitate individuals for their hearing losses and related disorders."

"Audiologists use a variety of tests and procedures to diagnose hearing and balance functions and to fit and dispense hearing aids and other assistive devices for hearing."

cardiologist (s), cardiologists (pl)
Physicians who specialize in heart conditions and despite the fact that they are usually not surgeons, they often perform invasive procedures; such as, angioplasties.
cardiovascular surgeon (s), cardiovascular surgeons (pl) (nouns)
chiropractor (s), chiropractors (pl) (nouns)
Health care professionals who concentrate on nonsurgical and drugless treatments for patients and they use physical manipulations and procedures that are intended to relieve illnesses or injuries: "Chiropractors center on the idea that unaligned vertebrae and their surrounding ligaments put pressures on spinal nerves, causing pains and a variety of internal disorders."
dentist (s), dentists (pl) (nouns)
Doctors who concentrate their efforts on teeth and associated structures of the mouth: "Dentists may specialize dentistry that involves operative, or restoring parts of the teeth; preventive maintenance of the structures in the mouth; and prosthetic or artificial appliances to replace missing teeth."
dermatologist (s), dermatologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who evaluate and treat diseases of the skin.
electrophysiologist (s), electrophysiologists (pl) (nouns)
Specialists who work with electrical tools that are involved with physiological processes; such as, those used in cardiology, sleep disorders, and neurology.
endocrinologist (s), endocrinologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who specialize in the endocrine systems, or the glands that regulate body activities by special secretions; such as, the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands.
epidemiologist (s), epidemiologists (pl) (nouns)
A physician or scientist who study the incidences of diseases in populations and the influences of the environments and lifestyles on disease patterns; for example, how tobacco in association with smoking has affected the health of particular areas of people.
gastrointerologist (s), gastrointerologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who specialize in digestive and intestinal problems.
general, family, primary practitioner (s); general, family, primary practitioners (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who treat patients for a wide area of diseases and diaorders; and the medical problems which they do not feel qualified to handle are sent to medical specialists.
geriatrician (s), geriatricians (pl) (nouns)
Medical doctors who specialize in the care and medical problems of older patients.
gynecologist (s), gynecologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who specialize in the health and diseases of female patients.

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