Men's Fashion Terms

(fashion terms including the invention of new words for items that apply specifically to men's fashions)

manbag (s), manbags (pl) (nouns)
A special term for bags that men can carry around similar to the purses for women: "Manbags may refer to 'messenger bags, gym bags, tote bags, carry-all bags, backpacks, portfolios,' or 'duffel bags'."
mandals (pl) (noun)
Male sandals: "Mandals are open-toed shoes which are considered slightly more formal and structured than flip-flops."
mankini (s), mankinis (pl) (nouns)
A new fashion-male term for swimsuit: "A mankini is a masculine term the female "bikini" which is a woman's very brief bathing suit."

"Some beaches have reported mankini violations by men who were wearing throng-like suits with halter straps which were considered unacceptable for public viewing."

manties (pl) (noun)
A contraction of "man" and "panties" or certain kinds of undergarments for males: "Her boyfriend said that he isn't going to wear womens panties, but he is considering the wearing of the new clothing called manties."
mantyhose (s), mantyhoses (pl) (nouns)
The masculine equivalent of pantyhose.
metrosexual (s), metrosexuals (pl) (nouns)
A description of a heterosexual man who is concerned with his appearance and lifestyle.
mewelry (s), mewelries (pl) (nouns)
Jewelry for men.
murses (pl) (noun)
A term for masculine purses.