Reversible Words

(reversible English words that can be spelled forward and backward and still produce normal words with different meanings)

ah, ha
1. ah, used to express surprise, agreement, joy, pain, dislike, or other emotions or reactions depending on what the person means by the statement: "Ah! So you didn't want to listen to me."

"Ah, yes, now I understand why you didn't come to the meeting."

2. ha, used as an exclamation of victory, confusion, surprise, discovery, or annoyance; or to express satisfaction that something bad has happened to a person who deserved it, or to indicate a feeling of victory.
are, era
bag, gab
ban, nab
bat, tab
bats, stab
bib, bib
1. bib, a napkin tied around a baby's neck that protects its clothes while drinking or eating.
2. bib, the top part of an apron that covers the chest area.
bob, bob
boob, boob
brag, garb
bud, bud
buns, snub
bus, sub
but, tub
civic, civic
1. Relating or belonging to a city.
2. Referring to citizens as individuals.
dam decal deed deeps deer deliver denier desserts deus devil dial diaper did dim dog don doom drab draw drawer dub dud edit eel eke em emit era ere evil ewe eye fires flog flow gab gag garb gas gel gig gnat god golf gulp gum gums guns gut ha huh keel keels keep knits laced lager laid lap lee leek leer leg leper level lever liar live lived loop loops loot loots mad madam me meet mets mid mood mug nab nap naps net nip nips no nod non noon not now nun nuts on pal pals pan pans par part parts pat paws peek peels peep pep pets pin pins pip pit plug pool pools pop pot pots pup radar rail rap rat rats raw redder redraw reed reel refer regal reined remit repaid repel revel reviled reviver reward rotator rotor sag saw sees serif sexes slap sleek sleep sloop smug snap snaps snip snoops snub snug solos span spans spat speed spin spit spool spoons spot spots stab star stem step stew stink stool stop stops strap straw stressed stun sub sued swap tab tang tap taps tar teem ten tide time timer tip tips tit ton tool top tops trap tub tug war ward warder warts was wets wolf won