Words Used in Headlines and Subheadlines as Seen in a Variety of Publications

(a collection of English words that have been used in the titles of articles from various printed media)

Afghan girl tricked by insurgents dies in blast
insurgents: Those who belong to a group of people fighting to take control of their country by force.
blast: An explosion, especially one caused by a bomb.
detonated the bomb remotely:

"Insurgents tricked an 8-year-old girl in a remote area of central Afghanistan into carrying a bomb wrapped in a cloth and then detonated the bomb remotely when she was close to a policed vehicle. Only the girl was killed in the blast."

International Herald Tribune, June 26, 2011; page 5.
Cameron defends stiff sentences for rioters, honing debate on message of deterrence
stiff sentences:

"Mr. Cameron said the four days of arson, riot and looting in London and major cities was 'absolutely appalling' and the criminal justice system should be sending 'a very clear message that it's wrong and won't be tolerated.' "

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; page 3.
Early flaws of euro are resurfacing in debt crisis
debt crisis :

When the rules for the euro were first drafted 15 years ago, the leaders of France and Germany had to compromise even to agree on its name: Berlin wanted a 'a stability pact,' emphasizing Germanic fiscal discipline, while the French leaders insisted on adding 'growth' to the title to make it more palatable to their voters."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; page 1.
Google creates an app for use at the checkout

"The technology giant introduced Google Wallet, a mobile application that will allow consumers to pay at a store by waving their cellphones at a retailer's terminal instead of using a credit card [or cash]."

"The app, for the Android operating system also will enable users to redeem special coupons and earn loyalty points."

The Global Edition of the New York Times, May 28-29, 2011; page 15.
Greece consensus elusive on austerity package
austerity package:
Home prices in U.S. still deteriorating

"The American housing market seems to be getting worse as time passes."

Nuclear sites in Germany face closure

"Seven nuclear power plants in Germany that were shut down after the Fukushima disaster in Japan are likely to be closed permanently afte a decision by state environment ministers."

"A government agency warned, however, that without the seven plants Germany could have trouble coping with a failure in some part of the national power grid."

The Global Edition of the New York Times, May 28-29, 2011; page 15.
Protest transforms long quiescent Syrian city
knitted into the city's fabric:
resilient opposition:
foreseeable future:

"Dissent and defiance in Homa, its residents say, have become knitted into the city's fabric, signaling to the government that however ferocious the repression, it will face a resilient opposition for the foreseeable future."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; pages 1-5.
Rehabilitating 'unpure' lives

"Successful textile co-op in Vietnam village buoys female trafficking victims."

"More than a decade ago, human traffickers descended on the seemingly forgotten slice of soaring limestone crags and lush valleys to snatch up women and children and sell them over the border in China."

"The first predators arrived in Hop Tien in 2003, offering in seemingly innocent tones to buy some young women new shoes. Then the women disappeared. Soon others vanished, too, all between the ages of 16 and 22, to be sold as wives, forced laborers or sex workers."

"After villagers reported the abductions, the Vietnamese authorities collaborated with Chinese officials to find the women and bring them home."

"But residents' elation lurched to horror at the realization that two of the women wee pregnant. News quickly spread that the others, too, had been made sex workers, and even those who did not bear the signs of the trade paid its price."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; page 1.
Sony chief seems thwarted at every turn

"Divisions and rivalries within the group still prevent its many parts from working better together."

The Global Edition of the New York Times, May 28-29, 2011; page 15.
U.S. agency offers start-up fund to inventors aiming for the stars
start-up fund:

"The U.S. government agency that helped invent the Internet now wants to do the same for travel to the stars."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; page 1.

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