Interior Design

(a glossary of terms relating to the decoration and design of interior spaces in buildings)

industrial lighting
Exposed brickwork and large open-plan spaces are all key features of this style.
loft style
A style of design, originally from New York City, that takes over industrial spaces for use as dwellings for people.
A style of design that favors big, bold, and eccentric gestures, bright colors, and loud designs; as well as, luxurious materials and set-piece items of furniture.
A style of design that emphasizes space and simplicity, using a bare minimum of furniture within a room and limiting colors to simple, clean palettes mainly consisting of shades of white.
natural light
Light from the sun that comes into a room through windows or skylights.
office space
A room, or an area within a room, set aside to be used as an office space with computer equipment and communications equipment.

Office spaces can be designed for occasional use or for those who work from home to use as their main place of work.

open plan
A large dwelling area that has multiple functions; most often, a joint kitchen-dining-living space.
outdoor living
Parts of gardens, balconies, or roof terraces that are designed to be used as everyday living spaces outdoors; for example, outdoor eating or cooking areas.
room divider
A screen or set of shelves used informally to divide large areas of space into smaller "rooms" with different functions.
tradition interior
A design that opts for classic, time-tested looks; such as, a traditional leather couch rather than a trendy new design that may go out of fashion very swiftly.

Interior designers can opt to incorporate traditional elements into their design or to react against tradition.

The use of antiques and reproduction antiques; as well as, traditional materials and handicrafts, to create a deliberately old-fashioned look.
wet room
A wet room, otherwise known as a walk in shower room, is a fully watertight room that has no separate area for the shower; instead the shower head sprays directly on to the floor inside the room.