Theater Terms or Theatre Terms

(theater as we know it was originated by the Greeks and many of their theatrical terms are still in use)

1. In Greek drama, a group of dancers and singers who sang odes between sections of the play and who also had parts in the drama.
2. A group of singers who sing together in unison or harmony.
3. A supporting group of dancers and singers in opera, musical comedy, etc.
4. Etymology: from Latin chorus, from Greek khoros, "dancing ground, dance, dramatic chorus".
1. A theatrical play aimed at hilarity (cheerful, gay, merry, joyous), and typically having a happy ending.
2. Etymology: from Latin comoedia, from Greek komoidia; literally, "revel-singing" and so, "comic drama"; from komos, "drunken revel" (lively and noisy) + -oidia, "singing".