Units of Special Compositions, Topics, or Subjects That Provide Special Information

(knowledge about special topics that enhance a person's understanding about certain words)

This listing includes groups of words that have special content or topical essays regarding some vocabulary specialties.

China: The Country and Its Globalization Perspectives
Perceptions of China and the Chinese in their actual interrelationships with themselves and the rest of the world; as well as, the potential hazards and perils of their global dominance unit.
Classical Education
Primarily the learning of the Latin and/or Greek languages, history, and literature unit.
Cleptomania: Art Thief
The art cleptomaniac said, "I enjoy art, I love such works of art, I collected them and kept them at home" unit.
Clone Gallery
Cloned animals currently known unit.
Confusing Words, Index of Clarified Groups A-Z
Lists of homonyms, homophones, homographs, and other words that cause confusions unit.
Creativity: Global Competition for Talent, Part 1
The U.S. is in danger of losing its status as the world's greatest talent magnet unit.
Creativity: Thirst That Needs Quenching
Getting a "fire in the head" in order to get the flame of creativity in motion unit.
Cryogenics, Part 1
Industrial applications of cryogenics unit.
A background of cyberspace unit.
Examination of fingerprints for identification purposes unit.
Dextro and Sinistro: Historical Origins
Latin: right and left unit.
Dictionaries and Lexicons, Parts One and Two
Historical and modern dictionaries unit.
Dictionary with a Touch of Humor
Enjoying words with special points of view, sometimes humorous, and which are not found in a "regular" dictionary unit.
Bad days unit.
Portuguese: doudo, literally, "stupid" unit.

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