Units of Special Compositions, Topics, or Subjects That Provide Special Information

(knowledge about special topics that enhance a person's understanding about certain words)

This listing includes groups of words that have special content or topical essays regarding some vocabulary specialties.

a, an: Grammatical Articles
Confusion exists about usage of "a" and "an" in front of other words; in this unit.
Ablutions or Bathing, Historical Perspectives
Latin: abluere, to wash away unit.
About English Words
The history of how, when, and why hundreds of words have entered the English language unit.
Achilles' Heel, the Myth
A myth which has become a physical-medical application unit.
The study and applications of sound unit.
Eating grasshoppers, locusts, and related insects unit.
A condition in which someone is enslaved by a habit, a practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming; such as, narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma unit.
Primarily about narcotic addicts unit.
Aesculepius, Asculapius (Latin); Asclepius, Asklepios (Greek), Part 1 of 2
A god for all medical doctors unit.
Considered to be the most common phobia unit.
Alcohol, Its Origins
From a powder to a liquid unit.
An unusual desire to eat unnatural things for food unit.
Amphora: The word and the @ symbol
Greek > Latin: @ two-handled; a vessel with two handles or ears; a pitcher or vase unit.
Angioplasty Info and the Stent, Part 1
The reconstruction of blood vessels damaged by disease or injury usually performed by inflating a balloon inside the blood vessel lumen (tube) in order to reconstitute the flow of blood unit.
Another Vocabulary Dictionary
A different kind of vocabulary lexicon that emphasizes English words primarily from Latin and Greek origins unit.

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