conjunction (s), conjunctions (pl)

(connecting words or groups of words)

Conjunctions are words that link two or more words, clauses, or sentences; such as, and, but, or, because, and when.

Coordinating conjunctions are single connecting words, and correlative conjunctions are pairs of connecting words.

Coordinating Conjunctions

  • and
  • nor
  • yet
  • but
  • or
  • for
  • so

Correlative Conjunctions

  • both/and
  • either/or
  • neither/nor
  • not only/but also
  • whether/or
Examples of Conjunctions
  • Either write her a note or call her on the phone. (connecting verbs)
  • That tree is quite tall but full of leaves. (connecting adjectives)
  • The setup at the table is missing a knife and a fork. (connecting nouns)

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