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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

Words that have the same pronunciations as other words, but which have different meanings and spellings. (2)
Hideous; appalling; shockingly dreadful and fearful. (2)
A reference to anything that produces terrible sounds. (1)
Relating to urging or encouraging someone, or others, to do something by giving them confidence that they will be successful. (1)
The cultivation of gardens, orchards, or nurseries in which fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants are cultivated. (1)
Arrogance and excessive pride as displayed by someone who may be very successful in achieving something. (1)
Pertaining to a feeling or premonition that a certain thing will take place or a curved posture of the body with the head down and shoulders leaning forward. (1)
An abnormal fear of, dread of, or aversion to water. (2)
Conveying a situation that shows that one has been greatly upset, disturbed, or harmed by something. (2)
hypochondria (used only in the singular)
Anxiety about one's health or a mental depression in which a person imagines that he or she is sick even when there is no medical evidence of any physical illness. (3)
A fish scientist or an expert in the study of fish. (2)
Descriptive of anything that is not permitted by law. (1)
A misconception or false idea, not believable, or an opinion that is not real, but which is deceptive or misleading. (1)
Anyone who can produce images or impressions that are not real; such as, a magician or similar kinds of performers. (1)
To shut or to close off within walls; to imprison or to confine. (1)

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