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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

To put in a jail or into a prison; to imprison. (3)
Anything that encourages or motivates others to work harder to achieve objectives or goals; that which makes others want to strive for greater success. (2)
To provoke, to spur on, or to urge someone to take some kind of action. (2)
Conveying undeniable and unquestionable proof that something is correct and so it should not be challenged or doubted. (1)
To be unjustly accuse someone of doing something even when the person is completely innocent; to provide evidence of an involvement in some illegitimate activity. (1)
To establish something firmly in the mind by frequent and forceful urging. (2)
A person who holds a political office or a position in some organization and who has a duty or obligation to fulfill. (1)
Something which is necessary as a result of a responsibility or an obligation; imposed as a duty. (1)
To do something that causes oneself to get into a situation that is undesirable or unpleasant. (2)
An invasion into another's territory or the action of going some place without permission. (1)
Relating to the inability to come to a conclusion immediately and confidently. (1)
Descriptive of rudeness or shocking behavior because of being considered socially unacceptable or improper behavior. (1)
indigenous (not comparable)
Originating and living or occurring naturally in a certain geographical environment. (2)
Pertaining to an expression of scorn or anger because of an ungrateful or unjustified treatment. (1)
Pertaining to something that should not be said or done because it is not acceptable or it is insulting another person. (1)

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