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Commonplace, worn out by constant use.
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trite, more trite, most trite

The study of the occult or mystical meanings of numbers and their fortune-telling characteristics which are supposed to influence the lives of people. (1)
The collection and study of coins, metals, currency, and objects related to money. (2)
Those who are perceived to be simpletons, uneducated, or lacking learning skills. (1)
1. Obstinately or stubbornly pursing a purpose despite the appeals made by another person or other people to stop.
2. Unyielding in feeling or persuasion. (3)
To confuse, to bewilder, or to make obscure. (2)
Confusion resulting from failure to understand; bewilderment, disorientation. (1)
A brief biography with a notification of a person's death which is usually published in a newspaper. (2)
Spoken badly about; abusive or contemptuous speech. (2)
Anyone who hinders the progress of knowledge and the freedom of thought. (1)
A reference to anyone who is overly obedient or who is too willing to comply with the wishes of another person; relating to someone who is too eager to help or to obey those who are important or who are very popular. (2)
To occupy and to govern someone's thoughts continuously, compulsively, and exclusively. (1)
An unhealthy and compulsive thinking or an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions even when the person really doesn't want to do them. (2)
A reference to someone who is stubborn, bullheaded, or determined to have his or her personal way of doing things. (1)
To force one's ideas or oneself on others without being invited. (1)
1. Slow to understand or to perceive something.
2. Lacking fast perception or intellect. (3)

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