Words in Context

(lists of words used in context from various printed media; including, statements that help readers determine how words function in various contents)

The number of missing might rise in boat capsizing according to one official.
Confronting Iran in an election year is still a challenge for candidates.
The authorities relaxed the 24-hour curfew after attacks that killed over 100 in Nigeria.
Convincing victory leaves candidate the challenge of testing a revitalized rival.
Saved from space, lost on Earth, hundreds of moon rocks and other space objects have been lost, destroyed, stolen, or remain unaccounted for.
stake, stakes
U.S. election-year politics raise stakes in Iran confrontation.
The elections seem to be governed by uncertainties.
Declaring cancer beaten, president shows off vigor ahead of tough election.
Wary Japanese take food safety into their own hands after a huge earthquake and tsunami caused a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant spewed radioactive cesium over much of the rural region of Onami, Japan.