animated or moving images

(Latin: to give "life to" and so, showing movements)

An animated or moving image showing someone who is committing a criminal act by setting his store on fire so he can collect insurance payments.
An unusual example of a quadrupedal horse transformed into a bipedaling runner.
A trotting horse is just one example of equines.
gynoid, adjective
A robot shaped like or in the form of a woman as opposed to an android; like a man.
A creature that has multiples or abnormal numbers of anatomical elements; as illustrated by the female humanoid and her canine pet both of whom are going for a walk.
A robot that is shaped like a human, but which is neither an android (male robot) nor a gynoid (female robot).

So, there are three gender-characterized robots: androids, gynoids, and neuteroids.

An octotentacle that is a female humanoid with slender appendages representing arms and legs; four of which are serving as arms and hands, plus four that function as legs and feet.