Number Challenges

(numerical fun is available for you here)

Come up with any three numbers in sequence; for example, 123, or 345, or 456, etc.
Reverse the numbers that you chose and subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

The result will always be 198. For example, 123 would become 321; subtract 123 from 321, and the answer is 198.

Try it and see for yourself.

Think of any single number greater than zero; such as, 1 to 9.
Multiply the number of your choice by 3. Add 1. Multiply by 3. Add the original number to the result.

The answer will always end with 3. Delete the 3, and the remaining figure will be the original number that you started with.

Write a number out that contains the letter a
The first numerical word that consists of the letter a is "one thousand"; believe it, or not.