An extraordinarily-skilled pumpkin carver, Ray Villafane

Mr. Villafane carves and composes many pumpkins and creates additional structures with other materials for the pleasure of viewers.

A click on this entry will take you to his home page where you can view many more of his achievements and see some interesting videos about his work

Ray Villafane and one of his special pumpkin creations.

doze (verb), dozes; dozed; dozing

Resting and starting to fall asleep or snoozing; especially, for a short time: Could this pumpkin be representing someone who is responding to remarks made by others by dozing off in boredom?

A pumpkin is leaning its face against a smaller pumpkin.

monkey face (s) (noun), monkey faces (pl)

Having a face that resembles a monkey: There are all kinds of facial types, but there is no doubt that this pumpkin closely resembles that of a smiling monkey face.

Pumpkin carving with a smiling monkey face.

painful (adjective), more painful, most painful

Relating to hurting or causing misery: Someone is apparently causing a painful agony by squeezing the pumpkin's face.

Pumpkin carving #1, having pain.

pinch (verb), pinches; pinched; pinching

To squeeze the skin between a thumb and finger; sometimes, in a painful way: Perhaps this image is demonstrating a milder form of suffering that comes from the denunciations or condemnations made by others about its actions with nothing more than a harmless pinch instead of a punch as shown with the next illustration?

Pumpkin carving #3 is being pinched.

punch (verb), punches; punched; punching

To get hit hard with a fist: Apparently the pumpkin is getting punched with great force on the side of its face as a form of punishment for doing something that is considered extremely unacceptable.

Pumpkin carving #2 is being punched.