Views of Nature

(A visual presentation of various plants, animals, insects and other forms of life in their environments)

Bees and Flower
Two bees getting nectar from a flower.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

It appears that there are two honey bees getting nectar from a special flower.

Butterfly on a Flower
Butterfly gets nectar.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

Chestnuts from a tree.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

Edible nuts of any of various chestnut trees of the genus Castanea or nuts that exist in a prickly husk until autumn and then they fall to the ground as smooth moderate to deep reddish brown nuts.

Etymology: earlier chesten + "nut"; from Middle English chesteine; from Old French chastaigne, from Latin castanea; from Greek kastane, "chestnut tree"; from kastana, "sweet chestnuts".

Elephants walking in the sunset.
An adult and a small elephant are walking across the horizon.

An adult and a young elephant are walking across the Masai Mara, a National Reserve in Kenya, Africa; just as it is getting dark.

Flowers and Insects
Insects are getting nourishment from flowers.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

Flowers, Morning Glories
Flowers known as Morning Glories.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

This twining herbaceous climber plant has lobed leaves and funnel-shaped flowers that open only in the morning; and that is why they are called: "Morning Glories".

Frogs in Water
One frog in the stream.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

Frogs in the stream.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

Funny dog dance

Go to this YouTube, Funny dog dance so you can see an unusual dog that is excited about its owners coming to pick it up.

You can also click on this Funny dog dance link.

Insect Gets Nectar from Flowers
Hoverfly gets nectar from flowers.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail:

Here is a hoverfly, also called a flower fly or a syrphid fly; which is part of the insect family Syrphidae and the adults of this group are often seen hovering or nectaring on flowers because they are known to feed primarily on nectar and pollen.

Ocean animals
A fish and a turtle are examples of two ocean creatures.

Two animals are swimming in an ocean environment.