The Flora and Fauna story by Barbara Krahn-Chiussi

Mother Nature has two daughters.

The older one is called Flora, while the younger person is Fauna.

Flora had a lot to do, because 99% of the blue planet was dominated by plants. Fauna was responsible for the smaller area which consists of animals.

In spite of the differences between the vegetable kingdom and the animal world, Flora and Fauna were showing themselves to be competent regarding the tasks which were assigned to them and they were proud of their abilities to achieve as much as they strived to accomplish.

They were going around to see if plants were growing properly. For example, flowers opening at the right moment and fruits growing ripe in the proper season assigned for them, although the lemon tree, the eternal rebel demanded to have flowers and fruits that ripen at the same time, even during wintertime.

Fauna controlled the period of the year when animals are sexually active and then she took care of their children; especially the weakest ones, however she could relax because she was usually satisfied about how things were going along in the world.

One day they realized that some things had changed. There was a strange creature, a biped, or two footed creature without wings, who seemed to disturb the order of things which were installed from their great mother, who was Mother Nature. They couldn't understand why there was someone who might bring disorder into their important and perfect work.

Also, in their shock, they couldn't determine where that intruder came from!

Time was passing by, even though Fauna always had been envious of Flora, who seemed to be the more important one of the two sisters. They realized that they not only needed one another, but now also the human being belonged to them. They had to admit that not everything which he did was wrong. There were times when he had some really good ideas and so they decided to make peace and to cooperate with him and his fellow creatures as often as possible.

Well, what do you think about this joint venture?